NHS Band Program Week at a Glance

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – What an amazing first week of camp!

Band Camp – Week 2, another week of firsts!

Thank you to the students who stayed engaged and focused in spite of the intense heat and ever-interruptive weather. Also, to the parents and volunteers who helped us smoothly get started each morning and kept us all running, walking, marching, and sometimes falling over during the heat of the battle (day).

Continued reminder: Band Camp takes place mostly OUTDOORS. Wear sunblock, a hat, sunglasses, athletic clothes, and proper athletic footwear. Also, remember to HYDRATE! These things will keep you functioning at your best during our days of camp.

FORMS: Please make sure to turn in ALL forms and physicals by the first day of school. These must be in before our first performances.

This week’s rehearsals are Monday through Thursday from 3 PM until 9 PM and Friday from 3 PM until the completion of our first performance at 7 PM!

Monday following check-in; Winds go directly to the choir room with instruments, stands, and music. Percussion to the auditorium. Guard in the band room. Rehearsal begins at 3 PM.
We will take a dinner break around 5 PM each day, except Friday. Please pack a nutritious meal that will allow you to stay in rehearsal for the duration.

Reminder: Students are expected to arrive with plenty of time to get themselves and their equipment ready for rehearsal to begin at the designated start time. For the most part, students did an incredible job this last week! Let’s keep it up! Students are also expected to arrive with the materials for classes prepared and ready to demonstrate. That means, if asked, you could play and march whatever has been covered during your training so far.

This week we look forward to our FIRST performance! What an incredibly exciting time! Be prepared to start your performance season with a bang. On our way to “A Brighter Tomorrow”!
-Mr. McGuire