Another incredible week has passed. Well done finishing drill and music on the field for the opener!


This Week’s Rehearsals!

  • Marching Band rehearsal 6 PM – 8:30 PM Monday and Wednesday.
  • Monday evening, we will be working through how we will enter the stadium, performance etiquette and
    expectations, and Friday night routines.
  • Wednesday, we will be reviewing these standards as well as cleaning and prepping for our first
    performance at half-time! We will also be completing concession pre-orders, for our first away game, at
    the end of rehearsal – so do not forget to bring money to practice if you plan to pre-order.


Friday night, we will be performing Part 1 of our field show, “A Brighter Tomorrow.” In addition, we will perform our fight song and the four stand tunes distributed by the drum majors during band camp (pending pass-off status during class this week). I would love to entertain more stand tunes, but that will be based on the performance quality of the currently assigned stand tunes.


I feel I gave eating in the band room a fair shake. However, after cleaning up lunch trays, wrappers, Dunkin’ cups, etc. over the three days last week, there will no longer be allowed any food, snacks, or beverages (OTHER THAN WATER) in the band room. This is our educational space, and it needs to be
kept clean. We have a hard enough time with rodents, bugs, mold, etc. without adding our own mess to the list. Please eat before school, enjoy time in the green space, and eat in the cafeteria before games (if you need to), and finish all food and beverages before entering the band room and building 10.

Past Due

If you are planning on auditioning for All-State and have not yet sent me a confirmation e-mail, please do so by tomorrow, Monday, August 15, 2022, at 2 PM.


Many students have turned forms into the Band Booster mailbox this past week! Excellent job!
If we do not have ALL of your forms by Friday, you will NOT be permitted to attend Friday night.


5:30 PM – Call time
5:45 PM – Depart for GCHS
6:15 PM – Arrive at GCHS
7:00 PM – Kick-off
10:00 PM – Arrive at NHS (approximate)

Please Remember: 3rd Quarter Break is a privilege and can be revoked at any time. Please be respectful to Staff, Chaperones, Peers, and the host/visiting school. We respect our peers at other schools for their own hard work and dedication. You represent our community, school, and historic band program when you wear the uniform (yes, even the Summer Uniform). Students who do not follow the rules will lose their next 3rd quarter break privilege.

What you need to bring:


  • This year’s Navy Band shirt
  • Khaki Shorts
  • Athletic Shoes
  • Hair should be kept neat and pulled back off of the face and neck.
  • Money for Concessions if you did not preorder
  • Eat beforehand if you are not planning to eat at the game.
  • Your Instrument
  • Focus and Determination
  • FUN!

– Mr. McGuire