Date: March 22, 2023

This will take place at Wellington High School on the East Coast.  The students traveling will be the jazz band, color guard ensemble, and select soloists who qualified with a superior at the regional competition.  The group will be traveling via Charter Bus and will require a few items to be pulled by trailer.  Jazz band will be wearing their tux/gown and guard have their performance costume.  While traveling on the bus, students must be in suitable attire (no pajama pants).  Since this event is outside of Collier County, you must be fingerprinted and cleared with the district to be able to chaperone.

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WhatTime Name
WhatTime Name
trailer puller5:00am - 4:30pm#1: John P.
chaperone (district approved)5:00am - 4:30pm#1: Cynthia M.
#2: Marylee F.
#3: Crystal J.
#4: (empty) - sign-ups closed
#5: (empty) - sign-ups closed