Parent Information


The main area of parent support is fundraising. Naples High band programs are extremely fortunate in that all of the concession sales throughout the year go to benefit our band programs. Concession profits directly affect each and every band student/family through some of the lowest band fees in the state, reduced trip costs, low or no cost uniforms, band props and equipment, and events throughout the year. In order to have and keep the successful band program that we have, we need year round assistance from our band parents. Volunteering for the concessions is super fun and easy and doesn’t require special training or skills. Concessions are the main fundraiser for the NHS Marching Band.  Over the course of the year each parent is required to donate 10 hours of time in the concession area. Students are required to donate 4 hours in addition to their parent’s hours (This is also a requirement for lettering in band). The proceeds of concession sales are one of the main reasons our band fees are so low and are a huge source of revenue for the band for new equipment and supplies. Sign-up sheets are available and you may find it helpful to sign up early to get your desired date. Please contact the concessions chair at should you have any questions.

Throughout the year, the Band Boosters coordinate 4-6 additional fundraisers to provide the funds needed to support band activities. These activities are fun and support team building among the students and families. We are looking for a few individuals that would be interested in helping to coordinate these events. If you or someone you know (individuals and/or businesses) might be interested in donating raffle items, sponsoring events, or simply lending a hand, we want to hear from you!

Band Trips

Each year the band takes a trip. These trips are optional, involve significant musical educational opportunities, whether that is studying with Disney’s expert musicians and marching in a parade through Disney World, participating in a college bowl half time show in Atlanta, or attending professional concerts in California, New York, Montreal or Chicago. These trips can be quite expensive which is why the Boosters fund raise throughout the year. Payments can be made in installments, so families are not required to come up with the money all at once.  Parents are needed to accompany the students on these trips, but must pay their own way.

Band Boosters Meetings

There will be one annual general membership meeting at which the officers of the Executive Booster Board are elected. This meeting takes place the second Tuesday in April at 7 pm each year. Additional meetings may be held alone or in conjunction with an event sponsored by the organization or at the request of twenty (20) or more general members in writing to the Executive Board. Attendance and participation is welcome and encouraged by all members. Meeting times and dates will be posted on our Booster Page, on Charms, and on our social media pages. Please join us and get the inside scoop on all things band such as upcoming events, trips, themes, and more. This is your opportunity to have your voice heard about things that affect your band or ensemble student.


Additional volunteer hours can consist of helping out with chaperoning, trailer towing, band camp, sewing uniforms, serving on a committee, senior night, awards banquet, being active with our fundraising activities, provide food/water and other donations including cash, and equipment/prop construction. Please remember that any activity in which you will be in direct supervision of our students requires a Level 2 Background Screening through the Collier County School District. The process is easy and instructions can be found here

Band Program Rules and Procedures

Band Room Rules – The band room is representative of the band. The appearance of the band room reflects upon our overall performance and image. It demands continuous care and cleaning each day. The following rules were created to help keep the band room in a presentable state and promote a positive atmosphere.

  • No Food, Gum, or Drinks will be allowed in the band room during instructional time. This excludes lunchtime and after school hours. The only EXCEPTIONS to this rule are at the discretion of the Director. The privilege to eat in the band room during lunch or after school may be revoke at the discretion of the Director.
  • All instruments will be kept in their locker in the instrument storage rooms when they are not being used. All personal belongings should be kept in your regular school locker. The instrument storage rooms are not for your jackets, book bags, books, or sports equipment. Your lock should always remain on the locker and locked at all times.
  • Stands and chairs will be stacked and racked at the end of each rehearsal. Rehearsal and class will not be dismissed until all the chars and stands are in there proper place.
  • All music should be kept in your music folders. Every student should keep his or her music in a folder. Students will be responsible for replacing any missing music.
  • All percussion equipment is off limits to everyone except percussionists. The percussion class will make sure that all of their sticks, mallets, and practice pads are put away every day. Mallet instruments and tympani should be covered after each class and rehearsal to prevent damage.
  • Band members are not to cause disruptions during class or any other time rehearsal is in session. Band members should come to class and rehearsal with the attitude and self-discipline to practice and perform at their highest level.


Rehearsal Schedule

The rehearsal schedule is very important to the success of the band. Having every student at every rehearsal is impossible with all of the different school conflicts that exist between band, ROTC, sports, and other school clubs. All conflicts will be worked out in advance between the Director and Coaches/Sponsors. Parents and students should not schedule dentist, doctor, or orthodontist appointments during rehearsals unless it is an absolute emergency. Any student who misses any portion of any rehearsal must give a written note to the Band Director in advance. In the case of illness, a written note is expected the first day back to school. Verbal requests or notifications will not be accepted.

The current rehearsal schedule for marching band is as follows:

  • Mondays: Full Band 6:05 – 8:35 pm
  • Wednesdays: Full Band 6:05 – 8:35 pm

The Percussion section and the Color Guard may have additional weekly rehearsals, as scheduled by their individual instructors.

The rehearsal schedule for Concert Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble will be determined before each performance.

A printed schedule will be provided to each student with ample time before the rehearsals are scheduled to begin. It will also be published on the band website (, as well as on a board in the band room.

The typical rehearsal schedule is as follows:

  • TBA, but usually
  • Tuesdays: Concert Band
  • 2:30 – 4:00 pm

Tuesdays: Symphonic Wind Ensemble

  • 5:00 – 7:00 pm

If a band activity is to be missed, an excused absence may be obtained ONLY for the following reasons:

  • Death in the family
  • Extreme personal illness. The student is generally expected to have doctor’s note stating the student’s inability to perform/rehearse.
  • Court order
  • Religious obligation (A signed note from religious leader, or organization may be required)
  • Situations involving extenuating circumstances, situations of a onetime only nature, or circumstances relating to personal/family emergencies may be excused at the discretion of the Director.

Appointments – Non-emergency appointments, dental appointments and meetings, in general WILL NOT BE EXCUSED – These can usually be schedule at other times. Parents, please check the band schedule prior to making non-emergency appointments and trips

Students with paying jobs – As a member of NHS Band Programs you have committed to showing up to afterschool practices, games, competitions, and events. Work is not an excuse for missing any band activities. Your employers must be aware of your school responsibilities.

Our music students are the most diverse and talented students on campus…so students actively participating and representing Naples High School Golden Eagle Marching Band in an actual competitive activity MAY be excused from REHEARSAL at the Director’s discretion. Students who miss a rehearsal due to a field trip or other similar activity MAY be excused at the discretion of the Director. Students may not be excused from a PERFORMANCE due to the above type of conflict.

Lettering Requirements for Band Programs

The student must participate, and perform in conjunction with the following in order to meet the minimum requirements to letter:

  • Attend all football games, competitions, and home pep assemblies*
  • Attend all scheduled performances: concerts, recitals, etc.
  • Represent Naples High School and the Naples High Golden Eagle Band Program and in a respectable manner at all times
  • Be in good standing academically (2.5 Cumulative GPA, 3.0 Band/Eurhythmics GPA)
  • Student must maintain student/school instrument, music, uniform and other equipment must be kept in a clean, well-organized manner and ready for use at any time
  • Overall attitude should be desirable and cooperative
  • Student must not have any unexcused absences from class or performances
  • Volunteer a minimum of 4 hours in the Staver Field concession stand*

*this requirement could be substituted for another, or waived for a religious or medical exemption. A note from physician, or religious entity/leader may be required.

  • All decisions are up to the discretion of the Band Director.

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